Bad Free Exploits

Here are some of the worst free exploits
Furk Ultra - Its okay it does come with its own DLL which is nice but you have to put a key in every time you open it so I would say go with Comet or KRNL -download
JJSploit - Its okay to use but If you want keyless than get Comet -download
Yoink - Has shit UI but allows you to use any API you want as-long as you know the pipe name -download
DaggerSploit - If I'm sure its just a multi api exploit and its keyless so its okay -download
Kiwi V2 - Same thing as Kiwi X but better UI -download
Kiwi X - Multi api has a key but some nice UI -download
Vega X - JJSploit reskin I would say get Comet or Omega X -download
DansSploit - Uses the WRD API so its a JJSploit reskin but does come with 3 other games built into it and has the same kind of key like Furk Ultra so I would say again just get Comet or KRNL -download
Rainer - Has a custom DLL but it lags on big scripts and has a short key but it about the same script execution of noobhaxx -download
Skisploit - UI is outdated and DLL isn't even that good I would say go with Fluxus or Krnl -download
Proxo - UI is outdated and doesn't even inject -download
Tiger Eye - Cant even download this shit so oof -download
Noblesse - UI is kinda overused and half the built in scripts don't work and its multi api with a key -download
Sentinel Remake - First off uses ee has a key system has Sentinel UI which is ewww -download