Good Free Exploits

Here are some of the best free exploits
KRNL - KRNL is the number one free exploit but it has a annoying key system that takes around 2 minutes to complete and the keys last 24 hours -download
Fluxus - Fluxus is really good but has no taint protection but if you want a shorter key system and good script execution Fluxus is best for that -download
Oxygen U - Its good but not number one if you want a short key with okay UI than Oxygen U is what you want -download
Comet - Comet isnt keyless anymore which is really sad but its still really good -download
Omega X - Its keyless but doesn't auto-update which is kinda sad but besides that its ok -download
Zeus - Its kinda like Oxygen U since the DLL is made by IDev so it is a good -download
CoCo Z - It may use the WRD API but has one the best UI out there an 3 day keys and in V5 they plan on bring back the custom DLL -download
Nihon -Has ok UI and uses the WRD API but has 2 day keys and is bring back a custom DLL soon -download
Roware - Roware is scriptware free verison it is scriptware quality and has no ads or keys -download
Novaline - Has a short key system has 3 day keys and also has a 268 error bypass and its multi api -download
Trigon - Has a short key system is a mutli api but has its own dll has a some nice Ui and is one of the few exploits on this list that support windows 7 -download